About the company   


We offer sound, all-in-one-solutions for project development, manufacture, supply, installation and maintenance of high temperature refractory and insulation materials within a particular timeframe. 


  • To create comfort conditions of mutually beneficial cooperation for our customers 
  • To ensure high quality of products through a team of professional employees and modern production facilities.
  • To create decent working conditions for the personnel development and use of their potential.
  • To become on the Russian market a worthy competitor to overseas and leading Russian manufacturers. 

Corporate structure

Managing company Baramist Management exercises the power of the coordinating and executive body of the Baramist GC delivering quality services to our customers in a timely manner.

Production division. The manufacturer CJSC Baramist-Ural, possessing modern production facilities in Yuzhnouralsk on the basis of Yuzhnouralsky Porcelain Plant and in Yekaterinburg on the basis of the Uktus Plant, produces innovative fiber insulation materials, refractory fiber and bulk fiber for construction and repair of furnaces, boilers and melting units. 

Engineering division. Engineering group OJSC VOSTIO is known as the Eastern Institute of Refractories. VOSTIO focuses on R&D, advanced technical developments and design solutions for the production and application of refractories, ceramics and construction materials, recommendations and delivering turnkey design solutions.

Trading division. RTIC Ltd. Company («Regional Trade & Industrial Company») provides promotion in the market of over 70 items of refractory products and asbestos-free environmentally compatible high temperature insulation materials. The company offers a wide range of services, including the installation ones, according to Quality Management System ISO 9001. RTIC regularly participates in all-Russian and international trade shows.

Company management

Sergei A. Khodusov – Chairman of the Board of Directors of OJSC Baramist-Ural

Natalia A. Savitskaya – Director of the Russian branch of Baramist Management  

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